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Since 1999 Abu Nasra have been importing and trading in high-quality natural marble, granite and building stone from very well known international manufacturers

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Welcome to Abu Nasra for marble and granite, your best choice for any works related to marble , stones ,granite and semi-precious stones.

The marble was born before man, becoming during the centuries an everlasting medium to express his art, the art of building and the art of living. This indissoluble relationship is extraordinarily interpreted by Abu Nasra, working marble and stones for over twenty years, with undiminished passion and growing professionalism.

Abu Nasra for Marble and Granite is a Jordanian international company and a Region leader in the Natural Stone industry.

Since its foundation in 1999, the company has grown and strongly expanded, becoming a global model in the Natural Stone industry, providing innovation and technology leadership.

Among its greatest assets is its considerable responsiveness —it owns numerous Stores—, competitiveness, and innovation. All this is the result of the Biggest natural stone Factory in Amman-Jordan that Abu Nasra has strategically located and where it develops the most advanced technology; the accessibility provided by more than 9 private distribution warehouses; and, lastly, its international presence thanks to exporting to many different countries.


  • The vision of our business is to be at the forefront of the worldwide business of Natural Stone.
  • Continuously innovate and develop our products, systems, processes, and services to ultimately have a satisfied customer base, create value for the shareholder and have a motivated and qualified staff.
  • Our values: performance, success, integrity, motivation, and flexibility.


Years of


TECHNOLOGY is a key element in Abu Nasra's strategy, investing considerable amounts in cutting machines aimed at providing innovative solutions in line with the latest market trends, using the most advanced technology.

Whatever your style, taste, or budget, Abu Nasra plans to help you achieve the place of your dreams.