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Since 1999 Abu Nasra have been importing and trading in high-quality natural marble, granite and building stone from very well known international manufacturers

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We do all kind of marble & Granite flooring in any finish required; polished, flamed, blasted, brushed, etc., book-match & vein-match.


We do all kind of stone Cladding in any finish required; honed, polished, blasted, bush-hammered, brushed, etc., book-match & vein-match.

Water Jet Designs

We do a huge variety of designs, borders, patterns and much more.

CNC fabrication

We do all types of carving, engraving & sculpturing.

Cornice & Moldings

We do all types of moldings and cornices.

Counter Tops

We do all skirting types.

Cobbles & pebbles

We supply different types of cobbles & pebbles in many sizes.


We do any design you wish to do in many stone options.

Columns & Pillars

We do decorative columns in solid blocks, capitals & pedestals.


We Help you giving a natural look for your gardens by our natural products which comes in many finishes.

Stairs & ┘ŹSkirting

We do all steps, risers & skirting details with a variety of finishes.


We give pools a durable natural surroundings in my types & finishes.